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Symposium Celebrating 125 Years of Irish Design

Become a part of the Passion & Legacy community in January 2106 at this important Symposium celebrating 125 Years of Irish Design. Historians, designers, artists, contemporary makers and writers will gather at the University of Belfast  to discuss the impact of Irish textiles and design  since the later 1800s, and the extraordinary way it continues to inspire students and practitioners around the world today.

You’ll also have the chance to join two private museum tours and special events at the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum and the Irish Folk & Transport Museum.

Speakers at the Symposium on Friday 22 January include Professor Nicola Gordon Bowe, Dr Lynn Hulse, Bruce Clark, Dr Helen McAllister, Dr Nigel Cheney, Catherine O’Hara, Pamela Hardesty, Dr Karen Nickell, Hazel Bruce and Alex Ward.

The private tour and opening reception will be held at the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum on Thursday 21 January, and the tour to the Irish Folk Museum will take place on Saturday 22 January.


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