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Exhibition at Top Floor Art Gallery, Belfast

We’re delighted to announce we have been invited to participate in the NI Craft month as guest of Top Floor Art Gallery in Belfast.  A shortlisted selection has now been made by Mary Shoeser, Hon President of the Textile Society, who responded enthusiastically at the level of participating entries.

From over 100 entries a shortlist of 40 pieces has been selected to feature in this showcase including submissions from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the U.K. The importance of collaboration on this project between colleges and textile/stitch groups from polar opposites of the world, has proven that all cultures, ages and abilities have been able to relate to the brief and that the finished works show a broad depth of both skills and techniques.

We are particularly delighted that Nigel Cheney – the lecturer in Embroidered textiles at NCAD, Dublin – has loaned the coat that he has designed especially for Passion & Legacy. Nigel’s work has recently been featured in Irish Arts Review. This extraordinarily beautiful  piece has over 80 hours of hand stitching – a true example of passionate stitching!

Nigel Cheney

Nigel Cheney

17 Nigel Cheney work in progress

18 IMG_5970 Nigel Cheney work in progress

Do come and see this and other inspiring work at Top Floor from 5-31 August 2016.